ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A community in Cibola County is left stranded with no way in or out after flooding washed out the roadway Sunday night.

Dustin Middleton, emergency manager for Cibola County, says the area got more than two inches of rain in a very short time Sunday night and it caused the bridges to Moquino to get washed away. “It looks like it’s a culvert that washed away and the whole section of road. We did have emergency crews ready to respond: had contingency plans to get in with side-by-sides and/or four-wheelers. Also with aircraft.”

Middleton says luckily they have not had any reports of medical emergencies in the area throughout the night that would necessitate any rescues by air or land. The washed-out portions of the roadways are stranding around 60 households according to Middleton.

The situation is causing concern for people who live in the area—seeing the destruction the floodwaters caused. “I drove up to where I could and I had to get down and walk and there was debris. There was even a tire here, an old tire in the road. All kinds of junk from the rain that washed over the road,” says Richard Jaramillo, who lives in Bibo, “My concern is the people that live in Moquino; that must be pretty scary…We need the rain so bad, but not like this. This is too dangerous.”

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Middleton says road crews are hard at work repairing the damage so that people can at least get in and out. He says the road was reopened at 1 p.m. Monday. With more rain on the horizon, Middleton is asking people not to let their kids play in the floodwaters and not to try to drive through them—no matter how calm or shallow they seem.

Middleton also says there has been flooding in San Fidel and Cubero. Road crews are monitoring the situation but Middleton urges drivers to proceed with caution.