A wastewater treatment plant for the Gold King Mine in Colorado is working again.

Last week’s storm forced an outage at a plant that treats wastewater draining from the Gold King Mine. 

The plant was installed after the EPA inadvertently triggered a wastewater spill from the mine in 2015, contaminating rivers in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. 

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas weighed in on the failure of the plant saying incidents like this illustrate why ongoing litigation against the EPA is crucial for the health and safety of New Mexicans.

Fluctuating electricity stopped the plant Thursday night and operators were not able to reach it right away because the access road was blocked by at least one avalanche. 

The New Mexico Environment Department says anyone who uses the San Juan and Animas rivers for drinking water or irrigation should take appropriate precautions, however, the EPA says it believes the water should be safe. 

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