EDGEWOOD, N.M. (KRQE) – It could make a great Jack-O-Lantern. Weighing in at more than 500 lbs, a pumpkin is drawing a lot of attention at the State Fair.

The family responsible for growing the gigantic gourd believes they may have broken a New Mexico record. It’s a 560 lbs pumpkin, and it’s captivating visitors at this year’s State Fair.

“I grow a few vegetables, and they get nowhere near this big. It’s giant,” said Antonio Carrillo, a visitor at the State Fair.

Another visitor, Tommi Tejeda, added, “I was really impressed with the size of it. I couldn’t imagine trying to lift it up and put it in my grocery cart.”

Aaron Price and his family grew the massive plant in their Edgewood garden. They said it was quite the task getting the pumpkin to the fairgrounds; they used a tractor to move the pumpkin onto a trailer.

“The pumpkin started about the size of a large grape, and then it turned to be almost a little over 10 feet in circumference. That’s a big change,” said Aaron Price.

They said the massive squash took 50 gallons of water a day and a special shaded cover to protect the fruit from the sun. At one point, it was growing 30 pounds in one night. However, it’s not common in New Mexico to grow a pumpkin this size. Price said in other states, some farmers grow 2,300-pound pumpkins. Here in New Mexico, it’s harder due to extreme heat.

The family believes they may have beaten the record in New Mexico for the largest pumpkin. They hope to double the size of their pumpkin next year.

Price added, “I think last we were seeing state record was 532 pounds. We beat that by 28 pounds. And hopefully, that one will stick around and next year we’ll be able to double that weight.”

The secret is in the seeds genetics. The family said, in order to grow a gigantic gourd, you have to use seeds from another big pumpkin. They hope to share the massive pumpkins seeds with other gardeners once its time.