SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A police officer who’s been accused of raping prostitutes is now the center of another civil suit. This time on allegations of raping a teenage intern for the Department of Public Safety.

Timothy Carlson, a former special investigator with the Department of Public Safety was arrested and charged in 2012 after getting caught with a prostitute. Carlson was fired, but the charges were dropped. In 2013 the victim, in that case, sued him, saying Carlson used his position of authority to rape her.

That lawsuit also said Carlson should have never been a cop, citing previous rape charges out of Tacoma, Washington. Now, ten years later, another victim is coming forward saying Carlson also raped her in 2011.

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“She was a teenager working as a confidential informant in a program which minors were hired to create a sting operation for those who would buy alcohol for youth,” said Shannon Kennedy, the attorney representing the victim in the latest case.

The lawsuit, filed in Santa Fe County District Court this morning, says the victim’s dad tried reporting the rape to Carlson’s supervisor, Lt. Chris Ortiz. The lawsuit claims that Lt. Ortiz defended Carlson, even saying the girls brought it upon themselves.

The lawsuit is demanding both compensatory damages and punitive damages. The state settled the other lawsuit concerning Carlson in 2014.

The victim says for a decade she’s suffered from severe PTSD and she wants justice. “I think she’s hoping to gain access to the best mental health medical care she can afford,” said Kennedy. “She’s hoping to regain her dignity,” she said.