DEXTER, N.M. (KRQE) – Flooding is impacting nearly every corner of the state. In southern New Mexico, some people had to be rescued from rising water levels from the Pecos River.

Many roads in the area have been blocked off since Tuesday to warn people to stay away, but that doesn’t always work. Dexter Fire & Rescue Chief Justin Powell said people’s vehicles and houses were surrounded by water; some even started to sink.

Powell said the rescue took about 25 minutes, but it was difficult for crews to actually reach the three women who were trapped on top of their vehicles. Other agencies had to lend a hand to Dexter’s department, which included Roswell and East Grand Plains fire crews.

Conditions have worsened after heavy rain over the weekend. Banks of the Pecos River started to break which lead to a surge in the water levels. Roads were flooded, and homes were partially submerged.

Powell said there was a lot of water involved, and some people might not even grasp how much water there actually is. He explained that he’s afraid there may be more calls for rescues because people aren’t following warnings. People can’t be forced to leave even after the department gave them warnings. The women who were rescued did not have any injuries.