NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Officials in Chaves County are dealing with flooding that is only expected to get worse. Chaves County Sheriff Mike Harrington says the Pecos River near highway 380 is rising fast, they are warning people who live in the area and already helped someone who stranded.

Harrington says the river is rising about three feet an hour. He says Chaves County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 380 East and River Rd. to a person who was stranded when the river flowed over its banks. They are now warning people in the area about the fast-rising water. “We were able to get out yesterday and start to notify them that this water was moving towards them so we did get a lot of people who left and also those who stayed were vigilant and aware of what was going on,” Harrington said.

The river near 380 is getting close to the bridge. The sheriff warns that when the water rises more they may be unable to reach people and is encouraging people to stay away and not put themselves in danger.