NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s history in the making in New Mexico High School Athletics. The New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) believe they had their first mother-and-son duo working on the same officiating crew at high school volleyball championships last week.

“You’re always giving back to your community. You’re giving back to the younger generation so they can participate in athletics,” said Terence Mirabal, who is finishing up his 9th year officiating volleyball games in New Mexico.

Mirabal is from Santa Fe. He grew up watching his mom, Ina Mirabal, ref, at games. She’s reffed volleyball in the state for 31 years now. He looks up to her and said its because of her that he got involved in officiating games.

“I grew up going to games watching her officiate, and I guess that’s just kind of how it happened for me also,” said Terance Mirabal.

Now, they’re both on the same officiating team called the Northeast group. Though they have officiated games together in the past, recently, for the first time, they reffed together in the New Mexico State Volleyball championships. The NMAA believes this is the first time a mother and son were refs in the same championship game together. “It was different just seeing my mom out there on the same court as I am. It was fulfilling,” said Mirabal.

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He said it was exciting being able to team up with his mom. However, the best part is serving their community.

Mirabal added, “As you grow up and you kind of see things you want to give back to the younger generation to have them experience and hopefully have a better experience than what some of us might have had back in the day.”

Mirabal said the state is always in need of more sports officials. He said the best way to get involved is to contact the New Mexico Officials Association, where people can find groups in their region.