SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Local filmmakers are giving their audience a glimpse into the lives of some well-known New Mexicans in a new film series. The first one pays tribute to an eccentric millionaire and a famed poet that started a decade-long search for treasure. “He’s a fascinating character, he’s a guy that has a really rich history. He’s lived a big life,” says Filmmaker Bill Banowsky.

The legacy of Forrest Fenn, captured in a five-minute film. “We’ve had this film sitting there and then Forrest passed away not too long ago so we decided to go ahead and pull it out and finish it up in a memory tribute,” Banowsky says.

The blaze, features interviews with Fenn and gives insight into what inspired his infamous hidden treasure. The film is the first of many documentaries, Railyard Films plans to produce, highlighting people in Santa Fe. “Whether it’s George Martin or Allie McGraw or Doug Preston or Hampton Sides any of these notable artists or authors,” Banowsky says.

Banowsky says he and his business partner planned to screen the film at his theater, Violet Crown, since screenings are banned right now, they plan to post the various profiles online for people to view. “We would want people to have a different perspective about people. To learn about people some people that they’ve never heard of and just learn from the interesting aspects of these creative interesting people’s lives,” Banowsky says.

Banowsky says in every story, like Fenn’s for example, there’s a valuable lesson to be found. “Looking for treasure was treasure in and of itself,” Banowsky says.
Banowsky says the next film he’s working on is about Pat Oliphant, a Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist who lives in Santa Fe.

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