FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – A Farmington health store is under fire Thursday over a sign that says anyone who supports the Black Lives Matter movement can find somewhere else to shop. Lexi Amos was taken aback when she visited Wildly Natural Foods this week and saw the sign.

“It is right when you walk in,” Amos said. “You cannot miss it before turning in to the store. I read it, and it upset my mom too so she turned around and walked out.” The sign reads ‘If you support Antifa and/or BLM, please shop elsewhere.’ “People are trying to get essential goods during a pandemic and this is a hateful thing to say,” Amos said. “I completely disagree with it.”

The University of New Mexico student immediately posted the photo to social media and it took off from there. People from all over the country flooded the store’s Yelp page with bad reviews to the point where reviews are now disabled. “They have hateful views and if I shared them, I just showed them to more people,” Amos said.

KRQE News 13 called the store for comment on Wednesday afternoon. An employee told us the sign was up for a few weeks but the owner took it down because people ‘took it wrong.’ KRQE News 13 was told to call back Thursday morning to get an explanation from the owner.

KRQE News 13 called all morning and got nothing but a ringing tone before the line cut out. Thursday afternoon an employee finally answered only to tell us the owner was out again and would not be available until next week.

“They surely need to get with the times and if this is the attention they get and this is what Farmington needs to get pushed forward, then so be it,” Amos said.

Amos said she won’t be going back. “After this, I will be surprised if a lot of people go back to them,” Amos said. “We already found replacements for the things we buy there at other stores in town.” Amos said the store’s Facebook page was flooded with comments too but has since been disabled.