FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – Farmington honored the memory of Sasha Krause, the Mennonite woman who disappeared and was later found dead in Arizona.

Dozens of people from the Mennonite faith and from the area poured inside the Summit Church in Farmington to honor Krause. People who knew Sasha told News 13 she was a kind, smart, and hardworking woman.

Strong in her faith, and her death has shaken up the community. “Sasha was a dedicated Christian, very intelligent, savvy, she did her best in everything that came to her,” said Samuel Coon, who worked with Krause. “..and sadly, there was nobody that I would’ve less expected this to happen to than her.”

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Department says they’re still thoroughly investigating the case. “It’s a devastating case. We don’t ever want to have a woman from our community potentially kidnapped and murdered,” said Jayme Harcrow of the San Juan Sheriff’s Department.

In the early hours of January 19, people from the Mennonite Church and Sasha’s roommates notified authorities that she did not return home after picking up Sunday school books from her local church. Weeks later, her body was found outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.

The sheriff’s department tells News 13 they believe Krause was kidnapped and murdered, but how she was murdered is still a mystery. The sheriff’s office is waiting on the final autopsy report to determine how she died.

Since her body was found in Arizona, the feds are now involved. We’re told interviews and search warrants are still happening, so far, no arrests have been made.