FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – Editor’s Note: This post contains graphic images that may be disturbing.

The family of Robert Dotson, the man who was shot and killed by officers with the Farmington Police Department after they went to the wrong address, wants the officers involved to face criminal charges. The family’s attorney released Ring doorbell video Thursday afternoon showing the shooting. According to the video, the officers realized that just seconds before the shooting they were at the wrong address. “The audacity for you to realize that your incompetence led you to the wrong house that night, you had the nerve to laugh about it,” Kim Dotson said.

Kim can be heard screaming and crying less than a minute after her husband was hit. Police said that’s when she shot at officers and they shot back. “After you shot and killed my husband, I was trying to protect my home, you then demanded me to quit life-saving resuscitation and come out with my hands up as if I were the one in the wrong here.”

The family’s attorney says the Dotsons weren’t aware it was police outside. “He’s blinded by the lights, and what you don’t hear is law enforcement, police, drop your weapon, there’s nothing,” Shon Northam, the attorney said.

The family is calling for the resignation of Farmington Police Department Chief Steve Hebbe. They demanded that city council investigate the number of excessive force claims against the police department, and also requested the San Juan district attorney and state Attorney General Raul Torrez bring criminal charges of 2nd-degree murder against the three officers involved.

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Dotson’s wife spoke for the first time since the shooting at a news conference Thursday. “This horrific night feels like a horrible nightmare, this careless act of not being at the right address has taken everything from this family,” said Kim Dotson.

Dotson leaves behind his wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

The family’s attorney said they plan to file a lawsuit but need to do more investigating first. A website and Facebook page called “Justice for Robbie Lee Dotson” has been created for updates on the case. No word yet on when the lawsuit will be filed.

The Attorney General’s Office released this statement on possible criminal charges:

“We anticipate the case being sent to us when the local DA completes their investigation.”

The San Juan District Attorney’s Office released this statement on possible criminal charges:

“The Office of the District Attorney will wait until the New Mexico State Police completes the investigation into the incident so we can properly evaluate all of the facts.” 

The Farmington Police Department released this statement after the family’s news conference Thursday:

The Farmington Police Department wants to emphasize that the events of April 5th are part of an ongoing investigation. Our department is committed to cooperating with the New Mexico State Police for a thorough and fair investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr. Dotson’s death. It is important to let the legal process take its course and not draw conclusions before all the facts are known. We will continue to cooperate with the appropriate agencies and provide updates to the public as the investigation progresses. We will continue to work with transparency and integrity.

Shanice Gonzales, Public Information Officer