ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – Someone tried to kill a dog in Española by giving him three fentanyl pills. The dog, Scooter, also suffered physical trauma. However, Scooter has survived it all and is now ready to find a new permanent home.

Scooter arrived at Española Humane in early January unable to walk and poisoned with fentanyl. “He was paralyzed in his hind end and we learned that someone had attempted, as they say, ‘home euthanasia’ by overdosing him with fentanyl pills,” said Mattie Allen, Director of Communications for Espanola Humane.

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He was in the ICU for several days and vets noticed Scooter also had a broken rib and a spinal injury. Chamisa Mobile Veterinary Services provided treatment to the 8-year-old Terrier-mix dog. “He got laser treatment, acupuncture, electrical stimulation to sorta retrain his muscles to start working again,” said Allen.

She took Scooter home to give him round-the-clock care. After three months of therapy, Allen was able to see Scooter take his first steps. “It was so overwhelming to watch him stand up on four legs and walk. He wanted to walk so badly and he just never stopped moving,” said Allen.

Allen said Scooter never gave up and kept on fighting. Now, he’s available for adoption. “We would love for him to find the most perfect family. He’s honestly a perfect dog. There’s nothing he can’t do,” said Allen.

Española Humane did not file a police report to have the person who fed Scooter fentanyl charged. The reason is they feared it would stop people from bringing them animals in the future.