ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – A group of artists is working on a project they hope will help heal the community of Española. It’s a mural of Renezmae Calzada who died at just five years old. They say they wanted to not only honor Renezmae, but the entire community, as well, with a beautiful piece of art that will last for years.

“Our hearts hurt deeply for her family,” said Adrian Sandoval, one of the artists. “Our hearts hurt deeply for the community.”

The community of Española still feels the pain from the loss of Renezmae. The five-year-old girl’s body was found near the Rio Grande back in September. Now, a group of artists are hoping to honor her memory through a mural.

“Her family placed their trust in our hands to bring her to life, to remember her and honor her,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval and Toby Morfin combine ideas and found the perfect spot. They’re using the east side of the Wise Fire Station as their canvas.

“I’ve been looking for someone to put a mural on this wall for a long time,” said John Wickersham, President of the Española Firefighters Union. “These two artists came together.”

They’re painting the mural on their own time, after work and on the weekends. Every detail has Renezmae in mind.

“Her favorite teddy bear, that we incorporated, we implemented, as well as her favorite colors which is pink, blue and purple,” said Sandoval.

Morfin has young daughters, himself. He says the whole process has been difficult.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Morfin. “People come here and they cry and it’s intense. It’s been a really intense piece.”

While serving as a memorial to Renezmae, the mural is also dedicated to everyone in the community who came together in her search. The city’s mayor is thankful for this showing of support.

“The loss has been unbelievably hard on everybody,” said Javier Sanchez, Mayor of Española. “But what is really characteristic is how well the community can come together after such a loss, so much pain.”

The artists hope with every car that passes by and every person that sees it, to stop and remember Española’s angel.

“They’re going to come out here for years to come,” said Morfin. “This is what we did it for, for our community to come and mourn or do what they have to do to remember this beautiful little angel.”

Sandoval and Morfin say there’s still some work to be done on the mural. They plan to add angel wings on Renezmae, along with her name, and on the other side of the wall, they will add the first responders and names of everyone who helped in the search.