NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Starting in March, New Mexicans who receive SNAP benefits will go back to getting their regular allotments, and will not receive the extra emergency payments anymore. During COVID, states requested an emergency allotment that would give each household on SNAP the maximum payment allowed for their household.

On average, most households on SNAP in New Mexico receive around $200 each month depending on their income and family size, according to the USDA. After three years, those extra SNAP payments are done.

Storehouse West in Rio Rancho is collecting and conserving in preparation for an increase in need. Storehouse West is also trying to spread the word that the change in SNAP benefits is coming so families can prepare.

New Mexico was one of 30 states that extended the extra payments through February of this year. According to the original request by the state, over 130,000 households are on SNAP benefits in New Mexico.