People living in the East Mountains are on edge after a wildfire broke out near their homes Saturday. It was about 15 acres in the David Canyon area but residents said the drought has them bracing for the worst. 

No one had to evacuate but people worry it could be only a matter of time.

“I’ve never seen so much traffic on this road of all my neighbors going over there to see what’s going on,” said John, an East Mountain resident. 

Crews on the ground and in the air worked to contain a 15-acre fire near the Mars Court Trailhead.

“We just hope and pray the firefighters get it done and no one gets hurt,” John said. 

It’s a sight many longtime East Mountain residents have been bracing for because of the dry winter. 

“The drought, there’s been no moisture, no snow and a lot of wind,” said resident Kane Anderson. 
An all-around destructive combination according to residents.They have been following the weather conditions and as fire season approached they stayed ready for emergency evacuations. 

“I do I have two trailers pretty much loaded. So it’s a matter of just hooking them up and going,” John said. 

“You have to have your paperwork together, bags together and ready to get your animals out,” Anderson said. 

They have seen firsthand what a small fire can turn into. 

“Fire is a concern up here, last year it was the Doghead Fire which was 12 miles from here. You just have to be ready, you have to be ready for the worst. All fires start small,” Anderson said. 

An official with the Cibola National Forest said their firefighters along with Bernalillo County, the Sandia Ranger District, and grasslands. all have a handle on the fire.

Bernalillo County Fire Department said the fire did not threaten any buildings so no evacuations have been put in place and the cause has still not been reported.