NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A popular haunted house is ready to scare hundreds of customers. However, there’s a big problem; people are hitting a roadblock when they drive there. “Eight hundred feet, they won’t allow us to cross 800 feet,” said William Robinson, Manager of Dragon’s House of Horror.

It’s a fight between Dragon’s House of Horror and the Laguna Pueblo. It all comes down to one road. “We understood that they were going to seek an alternative route,” said Government Affairs Director with Pueblo of Laguna, James Burson.

The house of horror is the second-longest-operating haunted house in New Mexico. They’re known for creating the world’s longest walk-through horror house. After only opening four nights this month, they received bad news; customers won’t be able to get to the attraction.

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“Right now, our season is shut down. We can’t get people to our property because Laguna Pueblo won’t allow it,” said Robinson.

The company bought this property off I40, west of Albuquerque in Bernalillo County. It’s located along county road 36. To get there, you have to drive through the parking lot of Laguna Burger and gas station.

The pueblo has been blocking off that area when the haunted house is open to keep hundreds from driving through. “We advised them in August 2022 that we would not be able to allow that access. It was going to be too problematic for safety purposes and advised them to seek an alternative route,” said Burson.

Bernalillo County confirmed it is a county road, but it’s also on sovereign land. Meaning the pueblo has the right to block it off. Burson added, “We couldn’t see a way to address the safety concerns and allow that much-expected traffic to pass right by those fuel pumps.”

The pueblo thought the business had made arrangements to use another route. Robinson says they did try to come up with temporary solutions, but they thought the pueblo was okay with them using the road for the month of October.

“I’ve offered to pay to rebuild a road further away from the gas station to relocate the road around the gas station. I’m just hit with ‘that’s not good enough,” said Robinson.

The business has attorneys stepping in, and they’re hopeful for a solution. For now, the business has stopped selling tickets and is issuing refunds. They say they are working with the county to figure out how they can get access to the road. That could mean rerouting county road 36 to another location or coming up with another agreement with the pueblo.