SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Santa Fe couple is devastated after their small dog was attacked by a pit bull at a dog park. The pit bull’s owner took off immediately after the attack and now they can’t find her.

The couple says they don’t want anything to happen to the pit bull, and they have no hard feelings towards the dog at all. They just want the owner to come forward so they can have the shot records.

It started as a normal day at the dog park for Ben Snelgrove and his Chiweenie, Oscar, but in an instant, the day took a terrible turn.

“I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew the pit bull had gotten a hold of his neck,” said Snelgrove.

Ben says it all happened so fast. He says he wrestled with the dogs, trying everything he could to get the pit bull to let go. It was over in just a few quick moments, but Oscar was left with some serious injuries. His neck, torn open, and Ben got bitten too.

He says he isn’t mad at the pit bull. He explains it’s not his fault. However, he and his wife Heather are upset because the owner disappeared immediately after the incident without offering any help.

They say they won’t be pressing charges and they don’t want the dog to be punished. They just want the owner to come forward for help with Oscar’s vet bills and to be assured that her dog is up to date on their vaccines.

Oscar had emergency surgery on his neck Thursday afternoon. He has at least twelve stitches and two drains. Ben and Heather say they’ve already spent at least $1,200 and Oscar still has a long road of recovery ahead.

They’re looking for any information on the owner of the pit bull. They say she drives a blue Prius and has shoulder length, curly, dark hair.