MAGDALENA, N.M. (KRQE) – Opinionated videos posted to a popular social media application by a New Mexico deputy has left a small-town police force apologizing to local residents.

The controversy is surrounding at least two videos posted to the “TikTok” app by Magdalena Marshal’s Office deputy Carlos Valenzuela. Both of the videos appear to have been posted from an account named “carlosvalenzuela26.”

While the videos are no longer listed for public view on the service, several community members have shared copies of at least one of the videos and a screenshot of another, likening the content to “public shaming” or mocking people with problems.

In the first video, Valenzuela can be seen wearing a full police uniform asking, “See what this guy’s up to,” before walking over to a person who appears to be sleeping on the ground.

While a rap song titled “So Fresh, So Clean” plays in the background, Valenzuela can be seen walking up to the sleeping man and saying, “Well, I know what he’s drunk on,” while holding up an empty bottle of mouth wash. A text overlay reading, “drunk on mouth wash,” can also be seen in the video.

A screenshot of another video shows a man stumbling, with the caption, “Day drinking isn’t for everyone #smashedbro.”

In a statement provided to KRQE News 13 Tuesday, the head of the Magdalena Marshal’s office, Marshal Michael Zamora acknowledged he was aware of the videos and that Valenzuela has been notified of pending disciplinary action. He also apologized, “To anyone who has been gravely affected by his actions.”

Zamora refused to do an interview with KRQE News 13 about the topic. Meanwhile, some local residents called the videos “the talk of the town” on Tuesday.

“Well, it’s totally inappropriate, what the hell is he thinking?!” said Magdalena-area resident Matt Middleton.

Another nearby resident, Wyatt said, “We were all kind of surprised that somebody would do something like that.”

Local resident Tim O’Neill called the videos a “mistake.”

“You know he made a mistake and (Valenzuela) needs to move on,” O’Neill said. “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

Some have other feelings about what happened.

“Disciplinary action? I hope they fire his ass!” Middleton said.

It’s unclear exactly what discipline Valenzuela could be facing. The deputy is just one of three law enforcement officers in the Magdalena Marshal’s Office.

Magdalena Marshal Micheal Zamora provided the following statement for this story:

“I am aware of the videos and for the record this department does not condone this type of behavior from our Deputies. Deputy Valenzuela has been put on noticed and disciplinary action is pending. I apologize to anyone who has been gravely affected by his actions. This in no way conveys our policy or relation to our community.”

Marshal Michael Zamora, Magdalena Marshal’s Office