FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – Deputies are cautioning the public to not spread rumors about a missing woman in the Four Corners as detectives with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office continue searching for a missing 27-year-old woman.

Sasha Marie Krause of Farmington was last seen leaving her residence on January 18 around 8 p.m. Authorities have located her vehicle at a nearby church in the area where she lives.

“They did locate the vehicle in the area of the church, which is very close to her residence. So, they located the vehicle there and there was no sign of Sasha anywhere… there, at the church, or at her residence,” Jayme Harcrow, Public Information Officer at the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, said.

A member of the Farmington Mennonite Church said Krause was stopping by the church to pick up books for an upcoming class she was supposed to teach. That member also said Krause’s wallet was found at her home, indicating she didn’t plan to be gone for long.

Detectives are obtaining surveillance from local businesses, interviewing witnesses and are working with her family and members of the Mennonite community to locate her.

“Right now, we’re just working really closely with them. I know, it sounds like they had a great relationship and they just desperately want to find her and get in contact with her,” Harcrow said.

There are a lot of rumors on social media about this investigation, including that Krause walked in on a burglary at the church and that an SUV was seen speeding away. At this time, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office said there is no evidence to support those claims and they urge people to only share accurate information about the investigation.

“We want the most accurate and updated information released. And I know that there’s a lot of flyers going on, releasing information for other departments to be contacted,” Harcrow said. “We just ask that you stick with any information coming from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, specifically.”

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office reports that the Krause family has hired an out of state search and rescue team to search for Sasha. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office says deputies, detectives, and the search and rescue team have performed a thorough search of the area around the Mennonite community.

Deputies posted an update to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office social media page on Thursday, January 30 reassuring the public that this case is still ongoing and is being heavily investigated. The Sheriff’s Office reports they are monitoring social media groups that are discussing the investigation and are asking the public to refrain from sharing inaccurate information.

Krause is 5-feet-3-inches and is about 110 pounds. She has long brown hair and was last seen wearing a grey dress with a white jacket.

If you have seen Sasha or have any information regarding her disappearance, please contact dispatch immediately at 505-334-6622 and ask to speak to Detective Strang.