RED RIVER, N.M. (KRQE) — An annual event in Red River started out normal, but organizers pulled the plug due to violence. A shooting left multiple people dead, and others were injured.

The Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally is the city’s largest tourist attraction and brings in thousands of visitors. Now, local businesses are losing out on big revenue following the shooting.

On Sunday morning, there were plenty of pop-up shops that had opened early, trying to sell what they could, while others decided to close up shop and leave.

Then, sometime later, village officials were seen going to different vendors and removing their licenses. As of the afternoon, the rally was shut down.

Many of them were disappointed because this weekend is huge for sales. Hollie Gray has been coming to the rally for the last 39 years, selling leather and other items. She said business started off just like any other year.

“We were having a really good day, yesterday. We opened at about 9:30, and we had customers coming in just steady all day,” said Gray with Antelope Creek Leather.

She said when the shoot-out began, she rushed people under her tent for safety. The shooting left three dead and five injured.

While the shooting has left some uneasy, others said they intend to come back for the rally next year.

The village did allow food vendors to stay open for some time, but by Sunday evening, many were packing up.