FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – A crime lab expert testified Thursday during the trial of Mark Gooch, the man accused of murdering Mennonite Sasha Krause. He talked about analyzing the duct tape found on Krause’s wrists when her body was found last year in the forest outside of Flagstaff.

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He testified because her body was left outside for weeks, he could not pull fingerprints off the tape. He was also unsuccessful in pulling the alleged murder weapon, a rifle. “Some of the problems is that they have textured areas where you hold it, and texture is no good for talent prints, and also because they rust, they have a coating that repels moisture,” said crime lab expert Richard Maclean.

Krause was abducted from her Mennonite community last January. She was beaten and shot to death. Prosecutors say Gooch, an Airforce airman kidnapped and killed her because he resented the Mennonite community.