ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Ten years after the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars, scientists are still making critical discoveries thanks to technology developed at Los Alamos National Lab. “Chem Cam” sits atop the rover, which landed in August 2012, to learn whether the Red Planet was ever habitable. “Really Chem Cam has exceeded all of my expectations and I think it has exceeded the team’s expectations,” said Sam Clegg, Co-investigator.

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The camera probes the surface with lasers and captures pictures to send back to Earth. It has revealed evidence suggesting the presence of water at one time and signs of the building blocks of life. “So overall this builds a picture of a planet that’s changing, but very habitable over long periods of time,” said Nina Lanza, Principal Investigator. To learn more about the Curiosity Rover and what it has achieved, visit the Los Alamos National Lab’s Youtube channel.