RED RIVER, N.M. (KRQE) — Court documents reveal a deadly biker gang shooting in Red River started with a wedding photo.

Christopher Garcia and Matthew Jackson, who are both from Texas, pleaded not guilty to their charges in district court in Taos Tuesday.

State police said they were among the five injured after shots rang out at a Memorial Day Weekend Motorcycle Rally on Saturday.

Three others were killed.

Police said all involved were part of the Bandidos and Waterdogs biker gangs.

Newly filed court documents asking to hold Garcia and Jackson until trial stated a photo showing members of the Waterdogs and Mongols at a wedding together sparked the fight.

It goes on to state the Bandidos were mad at the Waterdogs for associating with the Mongols in their territory. Garcia is charged with drug possession.

Police said, as he was being escorted to the hospital, he tried giving a bag of cocaine to a woman, but she dropped it in front of a Red River marshal.

Jackson is charged with drug possession and carrying a gun into a bar. He was seen in a bar with blood on his clothing.

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The criminal complaint reported he had a concealed carry card from Texas but told police he didn’t know he could not have the gun in the bar.

Jacob Castillo was also arrested on a murder charge, but that criminal complaint is not yet available on online court records.