ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –Some Corrales residents say they found themselves losing money, after their PNM rebate checks bounced. Earlier this year, PNM promised money in exchange for old refrigerators, but some people say the checks were no good. 

Betty Rohde says an opportunity to get some extra cash turned into a headache. Rohde has lived in Corrales for more than 30 years and takes care of her widowed mother. She says when PNM began offering rebates in exchange for old refrigerators through their Refrigerator Recycling Program back in June, her mother decided to participate. 

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“We got a rebate check. Mom took it to the credit union, cashed it out,” says Rohde. “Oh about a week later we got a letter from the credit union, that it had been bounced for non-sufficient funds and a 10-dollar fee had been also deducted,” says Rohde. 

Rohde says she went on NextDoor and realized she wasn’t alone. Other people also got bounced checks after participating in the rebate. When she reached out for answers, she says PNM dragged their feet to fix the issue. They eventually told her they were having problems with their contractor and would send another check.

KRQE reached out to PNM, who says they contract with a third-party vendor to run the Refrigerator Recycling Program. They added they’re aware of the issues and are currently taking steps to end their association with the contractor.

PNM says if anyone is experiencing issues, they should visit their website and a representative will be able to help. 

PNM wants to stress that it’s the third-party vendor’s checks that bounced not theirs.

PNM’s full statement below:

PNM contracts with a third party vendor to run our Refrigerator Recycling Program. PNM is aware of issues with this third party contractor and is taking steps to end our association with the contractor. Participants are having trouble cashing checks from the third party contractor. PNM is taking steps to ensure that those participants are made whole. Participants experiencing issues with the Refrigerator Recycling program should visit to provide their contact information. A PNM representative will provide a solution and ensure the participant is taken care of.