NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Crime Stoppers and PNM are partnering to raise awareness on copper theft. Copper theft affects residents, utilities and businesses. High prices of have lead to an increase in copper thefts, PNM says they have received 63 reports of businesses customers hit by copper thieves this year.

Common signs of copper theft according to PNM:

  • Power is on, but fluctuating
  • Electronics are sparking
  • Open or damaged transformers
  • Arcing around meter box or transformer
  • Exposed or damaged wires

Copper theft is illegal, but it’s also dangerous. When thieves steal copper electrical wires and equipment is often left exposed. These exposed wires can cause fires or explosions as well as electrocute anyone who comes into contact with them. Business owners are encouraged to install protective barriers or other equipment that can deter thieves. Anyone who suspects they are victims of copper theft should not touch any exposed wires and contact PNM at 888-342-5766. Tips or information of suspected thieves can be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 505-843-7867 or