Construction on private border wall resumes in Sunland Park

New Mexico

Construction on a private border wall in Sunland Park will continue. 

“The federal government can do impressive things with its huge resources, but we don’t have the resources they do. But we do have agility and speed and determination, and that’s what I hope you see on display when you look at this wall,” Kris Kobach, legal counsel for “We Build the Wall,” said. 

The group “We Build the Wall” began building a private barrier along the southern New Mexico border over the weekend. The project was funded by donations the group received through GoFundMe. 

Construction was put on hold after the mayor said it was in violation of city ordinances. Thursday, officials issued permits to resume the build. 

“We are now in communication with the companies and the owner of the property to ensure that if we were to continue forward with this particular issue, that they need to come into compliance with all city ordinance regulations, including any state requirements,” Mayor Javier Perea said. 

The wall is expected to stretch more than 2,000 feet and be finished by the end of the weekend. It’s all on private land. 

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