CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Clovis Walmart catching fire this weekend made headlines in eastern New Mexico. The Clovis Police Department said crews responded to the fire at Walmart just after 3:30 Sunday morning on Prince Street. Due to its size, departments from New Mexico and Texas responded. Walmart is one of the only big grocery stores in the area that serves not only Clovis but the small communities around it.

“They all come here for groceries so if we’re missing our biggest grocery store, one of our biggest grocery stores it becomes problematic,” Krista Pietsch, the Public Information Coordinator for the nonprofit Eastern New New Mexico Rising, said.

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Pietsch said that with the temporary closure of Walmart, people in the area are concerned. They’re now forced to drive to Portales for their groceries and prescriptions or try to get their goods at a smaller shop in town. “The problem is Walmart is not just food, it’s also a pharmacy, it’s people’s clothes, it’s their household goods,” she said. “It really does cause a huge issue for folks because again despite Portales only being 20 miles away some folks really just legitimately can’t make the drive.”

Now, people like Pietsch are stepping up to help. “I have an open offer for if anyone needs anything over the coming weeks or months or however long this lasts cause we still don’t really know the full impact, how long is the Clovis Walmart going to be closed? We don’t know.”

Eastern New Mexico Rising is looking to work with the city of Clovis and other local organizations to help in the meantime. Until then, she says it’s all hands on deck. “Many of our members offering to help with transport of goods and services as needed,” Pietsch said.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the fire. No word yet on the cause of it or when that Walmart will reopen.