LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – For right now, the City of Las Vegas has avoided running out of water but the water crisis seems like it’s never-ending. At last check before the temporary solution the City of Las Vegas was down to around 20 days left of drinkable water but now thanks to a new system they are slowly adding days to the tank. “We installed a temporary pre-treatment system down at Storrie and it’s working great,” said Maria Gilvarry, Utilities Director for the City of Las Vegas.

During the Hermit’s Peak Calf Canyon wildfire a large portion of the city’s watershed burned. Then, during the burn scar flooding a lot of ash, soil and debris washed into the river making it harder to clean and unusable.

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The city had about three months’ worth of water stored at Storrie Lake but it had so much extra sediment in it that they couldn’t touch it until now. For the past week, a treatment system has been actively treating and clearing the water and leaving behind water that is easier to then treat again as normal and make into drinkable water but this is only a temporary solution.

“We have to look at the main treatment center it can’t handle this level of sediment so how much do we need to improve there or change there as well as the chemical change that’s occurring to the water,” said Gilvarry.

Gilvarry says they now have to treat the water differently, it could taste, smell and even look different. She believes it could stay that way for the next decade.

The city says they add about a day of water per day of work and for now they are keeping up with the city’s demand. They are now up to 32 days left of drinkable water.