NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The University of New Mexico (UNM) attracts bright minds from around the globe to try and solve problems that affect us all.

In 2018, President Garnett Stokes launched a multidisciplinary approach to solve “grand challenges.

According to UNM, these are problems like global warming, health care, and sustainability.

“The launch of our Grand Challenges initiative was a transformative moment for The University of New Mexico—and for our state,” Stokes said. “Addressing these big issues requires us to work together as one university, reaching across campuses and across disciplines to ask tough questions and develop and implement creative answers. Grand Challenges take on big problems that, once solved, have a significant positive impact on our citizens, our state, and our society.”

The newest challenges for teams are child health, green energy, and sustainable space research.

The teams are encouraged to broaden the impact of their research and engage community members. The research will be conducted over the next three years.