Warning: The video above contains images that may be disturbing.

GRANTS, N.M. (KRQE) – Authorities are trying to find the person who shot a cat with three arrows. A family found the cat under their deck on the 400 block of Houston Avenue in Grants Sunday. It was taken to a local vet who was able to remove the arrows. They say the cat is a male about a year and a half years old. They say it’s so scared it’s hard to tell if it was feral or belonged to someone.

After looking at the arrows, they’ve determined they came from a mini crossbow. the arrows or darts are just a few inches long. There is a criminal investigation. They’re asking anyone with information to contact Grants Animal Control at 505-285-4012. They say the cat is doing okay but they fear it will have trouble eating. They plan to foster it for the time being.