NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The Carson National Forest announced some areas in the Camino Real Ranger District will reopen. Due to more repairs and suppression around the Calf Canyon, Hermits Peak Fire; three areas opened Tuesday at 8 a.m. and a fourth will open Wednesday.

According to a release sent by Carson National Forest; although some areas are reopening, a closure order is still in effect for the forest to protect visitors during suppression and repair efforts as well as post-fire dangers such as debris flow and flash flooding. “I know the public has been eager to get back into the forests and recognize how important access is for activities like fuelwood gathering and recreation,” Carson National Forest Supervisor James Duran said in a statement.

Carson National Forest is urging visitors to be aware while visiting the forest. During monsoon season storms and lighting can be dangerous for visitors. “As you reenter the forest, please take heed as crews may still be working in some areas and new hazards may be present,” Duran said.

The four areas reopening are:

· Santa Barbara area – including the Hodges camping area and the Middle Fork Trail (24) into the Pecos Wilderness. Bear Mountain area will remain closed at this time. Santa Barbara Campground may reopen in the near future. 

· A portion of the Pecos Wilderness – including the Middle Fork (24), West Fork Santa Barbara (25), East Fork Santa Barbara (26), and Divide Trail (36) out of Santa Barbara. Other open trails include San Leonardo (30), Trampas (31) and 31A Trail to Hidden Lake. 

· Areas east of NM 76 near Trampas and Truchas – including the San Leonardo (30) and Trampas (31) trailheads. 

· Opening Wednesday: Areas of La Junta Canyon off NM 518 – including campgrounds, which are slated to reopen later this week. La Junta Canyon Road (76) will not connect to Angel Fire. The delay for this area’s reopening is to give extra time for hazard tree removal. 

Full details on what areas are open and closed can be found here.