TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – The community of Taos mourned together at a public vigil held in the Taos Plaza Thursday evening. Dozens showed up in support of each for the families and friends of the Taos High School students who were injured on Sunday in a deadly crash following a homecoming party.

Seven students were involved in that car crash on Sunday. Six were transported to the hospital, and one girl died on the scene, 15-year-old Arry Jeantette.

The community, still mourning her loss and the other student involved in the crash, met with church leaders and therapists who spoke at the vigil, offering words of guidance, encouragement, and hope to come together.

Many in the community are angry at what took place and leaders are trying to help those who are hurting and healing. “The reason we are coming together is to realize we are that community, but also to allow to realize that we can walk through this and in that unknown,” said Ted Wiard, a therapist and youth leader who helped organize, “in that anger we don’t need to go to blaming or shaming, and come from a place of kindness when we have nowhere to go.”

There will be a memorial for Jeantette at Taos high school on November 5.