NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A busy, but very outdated, intersection in the East Mountains is finally getting a makeover. The intersection where Highway 14 meets Frost Road and the route up the ski area will become a roundabout. 

“There was some crashes. There have been some people just trying to go around it all together but ultimately there’s a lot of traffic up that way just from residents and also from the ski basin,” said New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) Spokesperson Kimberly Gallegos. 

The DOT hopes the proposed roundabout will improve the roadways connecting the surrounding communities including Cedar Crest, San Antonio, Sandia Park, and Tijeras. NM 14 also runs through Turquoise Trail, which is a National Scenic Byway

“There has been a lot of accidents with people trying to cut through and just not being able to see, so long term it’ll probably be good,” said East Mountains resident Crystal Wayne.              

The triangular intersection features about a web of turn lanes and exits. A study along with public input determined the roundabout as the best option. 

“I go through here twice a day at least, walking my dog, and it’s a very precarious interchange no matter which way you’re going,” said East Mountains resident Chuck Lockhart. 

The roundabout will include landscaping, sidewalks, and improved crosswalks. The DOT estimates a cost of $9.2 million. 

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“In my opinion, this intersection is way overdue for an upgrade. There are crashes at Frost and North-14 are a regular occurrence. We can hear them from our office; we’ll be sitting at our desk and hear the crash, and you go out there and make sure everyone’s okay,” explained East Mountains resident Jerry Morgan. 

“We’re finally seeing it move into production, and we’re excited to get those improvements made up there,” said Gallegos. 

DOT said the project is 90% designed. They hope to begin construction by the end of next year.