For decades, the famous Bugg light display has dazzled visitors around Christmas time.

It was displayed first in Albuquerque, then more recently in Belen. The City of Belen has a new plan to put them on display year-round.

“It’s more from just being the Bugg lights to a complete holiday experience,” says resident Cheryl Estill. 
Now there is an effort to preserve that experience by giving the display a new and permanent home all year long. 

“This will be our tribute to Norman. He just loved Christmas,” says City Councilor Ronnie Torres. 

Norman Bugg, who died just a month ago, and his wife put on the display for more than 30 years at their Albuquerque home in the heights. The display has adorned the Harvey House Museum in Belen for the past five years. 

“It’s been difficult to get them up and running every year,” Torres says. 

For the majority of the year, the Bugg lights display is kept in a large storage unit. Volunteers say the constant in and out has caused wear and tear on the handmade items.

“They are 47 years old and they are falling apart already. We need to get new lights on them, batteries, little motors,” Torres says. 

Torres says after this year, they plan to move the display into an empty city building, set up like a museum to honor Norman Bugg and the bright legacy he left behind.

“We’re just excited to get them up and running and working and future generations to see them,” Torres says. 

City officials say once the Bugg lights display is moved to a permanent home, the Harvey House will still put on a Christmas display.