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Bosque Farms suspends recycling curbside pickup

BOSQUE FARMS, NM (KRQE) - People have apparently been doing too good of a job at recycling.

There's so much heading to recycling centers, many can't handle it all, so some are enacting strict rules and others are cutting their programs altogether.

For now, if people in Bosque Farms want to recycle, they'll have to take it to a special recycling center themselves -- and many say that's a major inconvenience.

Trash hauler for Bosque Farms, local company AC Disposal, is no longer picking up recyclables curbside.

"All we're going to do is dump it into a landfill," AC Disposal President Charles Montoya said.
Montoya said that's because one company they were delivering those recyclables to for processing, called Town Recycling, is no longer accepting loads that aren't sorted.

People were able to put everything from paper, plastic and cardboard in one bin, but with so much recyclables coming in, it's too much to handle.

"It's very labor intensive for them because they're having to separate everything compared to if we presort it like at a facility," Montoya said. 

Many companies will still take it, but for a hefty fee, so the Bosque Farms village council voted to suspend the service for now.

That's not sitting well with many.

"It's pretty inconvenient," Matthew Gawalt of Bosque Farms said. "You have to find a new place to take your recyclables."

"I would prefer they just pick up all of the recycling," Dakota Arciniega said.

It's not just Bosque Farms facing this challenge.

Other municipalities that don't have a place to sort recyclables themselves, like at Belen's city-owned recycling facility, are also having to look for alternatives.

KRQE News 13 did reach out to other recycling companies, like Friedman Recycling, which takes in recyclables from Albuquerque and several East Mountain communities. They said they don't anticipate any changes there, but they have had to add more manpower to deal with the influx of recyclables at their plant.

As for the future of recycling in Bosque Farms, Town Recycling is hoping companies who buy recyclables in bulk decide to start taking them again -- but that could be a while.

The 500 customers in Bosque Farms should have been notified of the change along with their trash bill in June.

AC Disposal does anticipate the service to pick back up eventually, so they left the bins with the homeowners.

KRQE News 13 also reached out to the city of Albuquerque to see how these trends are affecting its recycling program. The city says it hasn't had an effect at this point, and residents are encouraged to keep recycling as they always have. 


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