SOCORRO COUNTY (KRQE) – A new Larry Barker investigation tells the story of how the state built, then shuttered a $5-million museum south of Socorro amid the New Mexico desert. The future today remains unclear for the award-winning building, meant to honor the history of the El Camino Real trail.

KRQE Digital Anchor Chris McKee recently sat down with Larry Barker to discuss the story in a “behind the story” interview. For more context on the conversation in the video above, click the link here to watch Larry Barker’s complete investigation.

Among the topics discussed: how Larry began investigating the story and what a federal agency has to say about their millions of dollars in contributions to the project. Chris and Larry also talk about the recent conversations that have happened around the future of the museum sitting 30 miles from Socorro’s town center and if anyone could ever use the property again.

“Behind the story,” is KRQE News 13’s online exclusive web series, giving viewers a detailed look into the work that goes into KRQE News 13’s investigative reports. For more segments on prior Larry Barker investigations, visit the “Larry Barker Investigates” page here.