NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The state Attorney General’s office is now combing through evidence in the hazing allegations at New Mexico State University. The criminal investigation comes amid a civil lawsuit against three NMSU players, now former Head Coach Greg Haier, and the NMSU regents claiming the players sexually harassed and abused two teammates.

The Doña Ana District Attorney referred the case to the AG to decide if anyone will face charges. Deputy AG John Duran said they are in the early stages of the investigation. At this point, they are looking to see if they have enough evidence and witnesses to bring a viable case. They have not yet contacted anyone at NMSU. “We’ve handled cases like this where we’re investigating individuals and institutions, and so we feel like we’re well equipped to take the lead in an investigation like this,” said Duran.

After reviewing the civil lawsuit, Duran said he found the allegations alarming. He did not give a timeline on if or when charges could be coming but said the office will work as quickly as they can.