NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Residents say they’re living without propane to heat their homes. Now, the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office is launching an investigation.

“It’s freezing up here. This morning at my mom’s it was 2.7 degrees,” said Beverly Ortiz. Her mother lives in Los Ojos, where a lot of the residents in the area don’t have any propane to heat their homes.

Just last week, a massive wind storm ripped through the area, dropping temperatures into the teens, and leaving hundreds of people without electricity. “They don’t have propane. They need electricity for space heaters but then there was a power outage,” said Public Regulation Commissioner, Joseph Maestas.

Ortiz says her mom has been receiving propane from Bob’s LP Gas out of Pagosa Springs for years, until now. She says she recently had to get another propane provider because Bob’s wouldn’t deliver.

KRQE News 13 reached out to Bob’s LP to find out why they haven’t been making their deliveries. Bob Sivers, the owner, says they’re dealing with a driver shortage and one of their trucks also failed inspection, making it undrivable.

Ortiz says her mom is still waiting for a refund from Bob’s LP. “They claim they can’t refund it before they pick up the propane tank,” said Ortiz. “Which leads to the other issue is they’re short-handed, so they can’t pick it up.”

Now, Attorney General Hector Balderas is launching an investigation in response to multiple reports, just like Ortiz’s. “And also he issued a risk advisory, which is basically a means to get more feedback and better define the extent of the propane crisis in Northern New Mexico,” said Maestas.

KRQE News 13 asked Bob’s LP why Ortiz hasn’t received her money back yet, they say they were unaware and will be sending her check in the mail. The Attorney General’s Office is asking for anyone experiencing the same kinds of issues to contact them.