NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A clearer picture is starting to form of how much money a former state lawmaker and Albuquerque’s Public Schools (APS) administrator allegedly stole. The attorney general has been actively involved in the case.

In July 2021, the Attorney General’s Office searched the home of Sheryl Williams Stapleton. The one-time state representative was indicted on 28 felony charges including being accused of racketeering, money laundering, using her public office or employment for personal financial gains, and ethical violations.

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Investigators said she funneled a large portion of money in public funds, meant for APS, to her business called “Taste of the Caribbean” and to other personal accounts.

Attorney General Hector Balderas said he cannot talk specifics as a trial is pending, but his office will prove Williams Stapleton stole at least a million.

Balderas said his office has recovered $474,000 so far. Williams Stapleton is scheduled to go on trial in March.