NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Roosevelt County is joining the list of New Mexico counties approving ordinances aimed at preventing abortions. The new ordinance passed on a four to one vote during Tuesday night’s county commission meeting.

Before voting to approve the ordinance, county commissioners heard two hoursThe new ordinance puts restrictions on area clinic’s ability to have abortion supplies being sent through the mail. It is similar to those passed in Clovis and Hobbs, but what’s different is the way it will be enforced.

According to the Eastern New Mexico News, the ordinance applies sections of federal obscenity codes that outlaw using the mail or any other express company or common carrier to ship supplies or drugs intended to perform an abortion. For this ordinance to be enforced, a private citizen would file a lawsuit against someone suspected of violating the law. If the lawsuit succeeds, the court could enforce fines or even pay damages to the party suing them.