ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The search is on for an injured fawn spotted near Tijeras. It appeared to have major injuries to its front legs. Community members and a local animal rescue are working together to find it. 

“We’re horrified when we saw the picture of it. The legs were broke off right above the ankles right above the top of the foot there and it was walking on the bones,” says Morewood. 

Jeffrey Morewood runs the Maslena Rescue Foundation in Tijeras, helping animals in need. He says a couple of nights ago he got a call from a friend about an injured fawn. He believes it was likely hit by a car.  

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The friend said the fawn walked into his yard and up to the screen door. He gave it water but it left before he could call for help. “The longer it’s out there, the worse it’s going to become, you know, it’s going to succumb to maybe some infection, or it could be taken out by the wildlife there itself, that are tracking that little deer,” says Morewood. 

Morewood’s rescue foundation has launched a few searches in the Tijeras area, but no luck. Now they’re hoping someone in the community will spot it and give them a call. 

Meanwhile, a wildlife veterinarian that works with the rescue group says that despite the fawn’s injuries, he believes they can treat the animal back to health.