NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – One animal adoption non-profit in New Mexico wants to help people get rid of mice and other small creatures from their homes. They say they have a natural pest control; working cats.

“This gives them a good option for alternative placement,” said Cat Program Manager for Animal Humane New Mexico, Adrianne Lommasson.

According to the non-profit, some cats are not a traditional adoption. Many feline friends who come through their doors are considered feral. Instead of being adopted into a family home, they are trained to act in their natural behavior.

“They have that natural inclination to hunt and catch prey. It’s just genetically built into them. In terms of training, we can never guarantee that a working cat is going to be that super hunter that you want. Sometimes they are kind of lazy hunters. We never know until they’re placed,” said Lommasson.

Lommasson mentioned just the presence of a cat in an area can deter prey. Businesses, warehouses, homeowners, and stables are adopting these working cats to get rid of pesky animals. The trick is to make the cat feel comfortable in their new home.

Acclimating the cats into their new home is crucial. The process includes giving the cat a sealed area outside to live. If done correctly, the cat will stay in the area and call it home, instead of wandering off. Most of the time, those wanting to adopt will leave with 2 cats. 

Lommasson added, “Especially if the cat is antisocial with people, we really like to place them with a buddy because they need that social outlet somewhere.”

The amount of time it takes to get a cat ready for adoption can vary. As the weather warms up, they are seeing a high demand for working cats with a current waiting list.

“It provides natural pest control. Poisson and some traps can be really dangerous for other animals, but poison, in particular, can affect birds of prey like owls and hawks.”

Those wanting to adopt a working cat can visit the Animal Humane New Mexico website to fill out an application. Part of the qualification process is making sure your home is not too close to major roadways and ensuring there’s proper shelter and food for the pet.