NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – An Amazon driver made one local little boy’s wish come true by promising to get his Christmas letters to the North Pole. The family says it was a Christmas miracle. 

“I realized it was Santa Clause, and I was like, ‘Oh, I think there’s something in my house for you,'” said Chrissy Hinojos. 

Chrissy Hinojos said she couldn’t believe her eyes after she stepped outside to get her own delivery and saw the Amazon driver. Eddie is the driver, and thanks to a white beard and red hat, he could pass as the infamous Saint Nick.  

Hinojos said her 9-year-old son, Zion, loves to draw pictures and write letters for Santa. He has special needs and sometimes misses out on Christmas traditions other kids can do like meeting Santa at the mall. 

When she told Eddie about her son, Eddie offered to meet Zion and take his Christmas letters. 

“I was very happy. You don’t see that often anymore, and to me, he went above and beyond what his job is just to make a kid happy,” explained Hinojos.  

Hinojos said that Christmas is one of Zion’s favorite holidays and that when he met Santa Eddie, it made him so happy. 

She explained Zion is the youngest out of six siblings, but after meeting Santa Eddie, he’s had bragging rights. Hinojos said she now considers Eddie her friend and hopes his grand gesture motivates others to spread kindness. 

As for Zion, he gave Santa Eddie five letters and sends him a little reminder before Christmas. 

“I hope he likes it, and don’t lose your letters,” said Zion. 

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Zion’s mom said he’s already started writing new letters for Santa Eddie to take on his next visit.