ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An aluminum can sheet rolling plant will soon open in Los Lunas, and it will be a first of its kind for the state. The Village of Los Lunas will get another giant economic boost right after Facebook and Amazon move in.

“We need the jobs and everybody seems like they’re moving here because they love it here,” said Village of Los Lunas resident, Mary Rinehold.

The joint partnership between Manna Capital and well-known canning company Ball Corporation will invest $2 billion to bring the 1,300-acre state-of-the-art aluminum can sheet rolling mill and recycling center to the central New Mexico Rail Park. “It’s going to be primarily focused on canned sheets and the single-serve beverage can space,”  said Village of Los Lunas Senior Economic Developer, Kristen Gamboa.

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Ball Corporation is expected to bring in more than 950 jobs. “The economic impact this project is going to have is about $3.4 billion dollars over the next 10 years alone. What that’s going to look like is more rooftops more roads, more infrastructure in terms of utilities to all areas of the Village of Los Lunas,” said Gamboa.

Residents say they’re mixed about the major growth in their community. “I’m not liking it, it’s too congested now, I just wish it was back the same way it used to be,” added Rinehold. “It’s great for the community and I know it’s bringing revenue and everything that we need. But the sad part about it is we are not ahead of ourselves when it comes to traffic control” said Artie Gomez.

Economic development officials say there is still plenty of time to discuss the concerns and they will work with the community to address them. The project also plans to be powered with 100% renewable energy. “It’s trying to be sustainable and thoughtful about the environment and that renewable energy piece speaks to the power that New Mexico just naturally has,” said Gamboa.

The state is also setting $5 million aside from lead funds to support the project. Construction is set to begin in 2023 with manufacturing starting in 2026.