NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Attorney General Raúl Torrez is looking into criminal charges into scandals at two New Mexico Universities, in the wake of hazing and sexual assault allegations. 

Three former Eastern New Mexico University women’s basketball players have filed a federal lawsuit saying their coach Meghan De los Reyes’ husband sexually assaulted them. Torrez sent a letter to the university saying he’s launched an investigation and expects full cooperation from the university. “Again, a situation where student-athletes that are totally dependent on coaches and administrators to make sure that they’re safe end up being failed by an institution,” he said. 

The lawsuit claims at a team dinner at the De los Reyes’ home in August of last year, Glen De los Reyes sexually assaulted players after the coach instructed the whole team to go one by one into a back room to be treated by her husband, even if they were not injured. Right now, it is unclear how much the ENMU head coach knew about the allegations involving her husband.

The AG is also investigating ENMU’s reporting practices. Torrez is calling on ENMU to keep all digital information that could help in the investigation like emails, phone logs, and texts.

The AG is also investigating New Mexico State University after a pair of basketball players claim they were sexually abused by older teammates, which led to the cancellation of the season and the firing of head basketball coach Greg Haier

The attorney general says his investigations have found there could be more possible victims in each case. But so far no charges have been filed. Torrez explained, “The important thing is to get it done right, to get it done correctly. To make sure that we have all of the evidence and all of the interviews conducted. I think we’re in a position now where I think we can bring charges in the relatively near future but we want to make sure that we’ve identified all potential victims, that we have all of the evidence, that we do this the right way.”

According to the AG, the two things that link these investigations together is a lack of enforcement within the athletic departments. Torrez hopes these cases create a clear understanding of expectations for universities moving forward.