SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A hate-filled message appearing to target Democratic Representative Nathan Small with a mysterious substance in it showed up at the Santa Fe offices of the Conservation Voters of New Mexico. The group promotes conserving New Mexico’s resources and supports representative Small.

A spokesperson for CVNM says on Wednesday an employee received an envelope in the mail. When they looked inside they saw a mailer which had been sent out in support of representative Small. “We have never experienced this kind of vicious act and we have never received a substance that is potentially deadly and could harm us so this was extremely frightening, very terrifying for all of us,” said CVNM, Executive Director Demis Foster.

Foster says that the envelope included anti-semitic symbols and a photo of Representative Small, as well as an unknown substance. “It was a brown substance that was kind of in the form of a grainy powder,” Foster added.

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CVNM Executive director says the building was immediately evacuated and authorities called. As for Democratic Representative Small he says he will not stand for the act. “This only makes it that much more clear and important of why being out there and doing this work, serving our community working with folks from all perspectives is more important than ever. We will not be intimidated, we will carry out and we will be out there for a violence-free and peaceful election,” said Small.

The FBI says the unknown substance in the envelope was tested and turned out to not be harmful. They say the incident is still under investigation and ask anyone with information to contact the FBI. Conservation voters of New Mexico say the envelope did not have a return address but was mailed through the post office.  Mailing threatening communications is a federal offense.