ACOMA PUEBLO, N.M. (KRQE) – As families celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, some residents in the Acoma Pueblo did it without running water

The Pueblo’s main water line failed in October and the local government still hasn’t been able to restore everyone’s water. 

One Pueblo resident says that without water, schools have been closed and the elderly have to travel outside the Pueblo to get medical care. 

Nikki Poncho says they have been patient long enough and something has to be done to fix the water issue. 

“Our tribe has how many employees, but it seems like they’re not doing much for our people,” says Poncho. 

Nikki Poncho also says she’s one of the lucky people who’s finally gotten water, but states there are still dozens of families waiting for it to be restored. 

Her friends and family have been going to her house to shower and wash their clothes. She says others have even resorted to renting a hotel because it’s been so long.  

Poncho says the Jemez and Taos Pueblos have offered to help, but the Acoma governor denied assistance for some reason. 

“It’s frustrating you, like why didn’t he want to take the help when we need it. I mean it’s urgent I’d say, an emergency,” says Poncho. 

Poncho says people have to haul water in big storage tanks back to their homes. She says their biggest concern has been the sick elderly who have to drive out as far as Roswell to get dialysis treatment

In the meantime, the Acoma Pueblo government has brought in portable toilets and bottled water for the community.  

Poncho also says residents believe they shouldn’t have to pay a water bill during the time that the water line went down. 

On Tuesday, the Pueblo’s government website posted an updated boil water advisory, but it doesn’t say when the water will be restored for the remaining.