EDGEWOOD, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico animal sanctuary needs help after it’s taken in 45 dogs, pigs, chickens and a goat from an animal cruelty and neglect case. The Misfits of Oz Sanctuary in Edgewood says it was already taking a hit with inflation and now it has a lot more mouths to feed.

Shonda Harris is the owner of Misfits of Oz Farm Sanctuary and said Jane, a pig that was rescued, has one of the most serious health problems.

“She is a terminal cancer patient. When she came to us she could barely walk. Her hooves were overgrown and she had massive tumors hanging on her belly and legs,” said Harris.

She’s now one of 90 animals living a more comfortable life at the farm. “The animals that come here are generally animals that wouldn’t get adopted otherwise. We take on special needs, we take on behavioral, medical cases, cases that probably wouldn’t land other animal’s homes,” said Harries.

The sanctuary relies on donations. They say they spend around $3,000 a month on food alone. As the economy struggle, they’re also facing the challenges of getting donations. “Our feed cost for the pig feed alone have gone up almost $6 a bag, so inflation is really tough on us right now,” said Harries.

The sanctuary has two locations both in Edgewood. The animals are spread among both locations.