NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Economic Development Department announced more than $6 million in job training funding awards to help fund training up to 545 trainees and three interns in the state.

The Job Training Incentive Program Board approved companies to receive assistance in training new employees and interns. The New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership also received Step-Up Program funding to upskill 20 current employees.

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The following six high-tech companies are eligible to receive up to a total of $6,375,208.08 in
reimbursements for training:

BlueHalo LLC, Albuquerque, 14 trainees at an average wage of $54.29 for a total award
of $436,470. BlueHalo is a rapidly expanding national security platform with capabilities
spanning space superiority, directed energy, missile defense, C4ISR, cyber, and

Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc., Alamogordo, has four trainees at an average wage of $27 and three interns at an average wage of $21. The total amount approved is $121,452.
ETV focuses on the development of cross-cutting autonomous systems technology
startups in applications including precision agriculture, critical infrastructure protection,
public safety, and environmental management.

Intel Corporation, Rio Rancho, 480 trainees at an average wage of $30.75 for a total
award of $4,957,100. The site manufactures technology that is advancing Intel innovation in packaging and interconnecting to Intel’s next era of computing.

New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Albuquerque, StepUp funding for up to 20 current employees for a total award of $43,650. New Mexico MEP is a nonprofit organization that assists small and medium-sized manufacturers in the state of New Mexico. MEP will provide NM ISO Internal Auditor Certification Training to twenty companies, specific to the development of an internal auditor and audit team for the company’s ISO 9000 quality management and quality assurance program.

The Boeing Company, Albuquerque, has 20 trainees at an average wage of $59.90 for a
total award of $676,130.52. Boeing’s Laser & Electro-Optical Systems (LEOS) business
unit is headquartered in Albuquerque. LEOS programs consist of government contracts,
internal research and development (IR&D) projects, and Boeing internal work
transactions supporting other business units around the company; encompassing design
and development, rapid prototyping, and system integration of LEOS products.

TS-Nano, Inc., Albuquerque, seven trainees at an average wage of $35.58 for a total award of
$140,405.56. TS-Nano is an ESG company that manufactures monitoring systems for gas-emitting oil well bores and nano-modified polymer sealants. They apply these in the field
to monitor and seal orphaned, abandoned, and operating oil wellbores in New Mexico
that leak methane gas.

This month marks the first time companies are eligible to receive up to 90% of
training costs, up from 75% in previous fiscal years. While base reimbursement remains at
50-75%, jobs can qualify for an additional 5%, not to exceed 15% higher than base, if they are
high-wage positions, are veterans, have graduated from a New Mexico institution of
higher education, and/or are located in rural or frontier communities.

“JTIP is renowned nationally as a great tool to help create jobs and allow local businesses
to train new employees, and this month’s total of a potential 545 trainees is a huge step for
New Mexico to advance the skills of our workforce,” said New Mexico Economic Development Department Deputy Secretary Jon Clark.