Editor’s Note: Santa Fe Police originally released Kiara McCulley’s age to be 21. This is incorrect. The story has been changed to reflect her actual age, according to officials.

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) — The Santa Fe Police Department (SFPD) said two people have been arrested in connection to a death. SFPD says they arrested Kiara McCulley, 19, and Isaac Apodaca, 25, for first-degree murder. The charge is connected to the death of Grace Jennings, 21, whose death was reported Saturday.

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Court documents reveal more information in the case and show Jennings had a prior relationship with McCulley and Apodaca. On the night of the murder Jennings spent the night with the couple at their home. The next morning she was found stabbed to death and her injuries show an attempt to decapitate her. Apodaca claims he returned to the home and found McCulley killing Jennings, but police say they found text messages between the two conspiring to kill Jennings.

Police say the texts also reveal strange messages about a secret organization and the fact that McCulley would move up in the ranks if she killed someone. Police say McCulley admitted to having fantasies about killing Jennings, but claims she has multiple personality disorder and does not remember killing her. McCulley and Apodaca are both facing an open count of murder.